A Free Vaccine Twitterbot for Central New Jersey

Serving Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties

2/15: New sites have been added for Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties on the Community Dashboard! Where should we go next? Tell us in our feedback form.

About VaxxTrackNJ

  • Checks multiple Central Jersey vaccine website portals.
  • Scans for any changes and for specific keywords that designate vaccine appointments are now availible.
  • Checks if those keywords are new to the website (signifying a potential new opening).
  • Sends email and/or SMS with update on potential vaccine.
  • Updates community dashboard.


  • I am a college student volunteering my time to help others find a vaccine.
  • I am NOT for-profit, NOT sponsored, and NOT affiliated with the government or any other agency. Just me, myself, and my code!
  • Do NOT rely on this service as your singular source of vaccine information.
  • All websites are being used in accordance with their Terms of Service.


Is the covid vaccine safe?

Yes, the covid vaccine is safe and effective, according to the medical experts at the CDC.

How do I know if I am eligible for a vaccine in New Jersey?

Check with New Jersey's vaccine eligbility guidelines, which change regularly.

Does this website book a vaccine?

No, we simply alert you if a website change indicates a vaccine has become availible. Use us as one (not only) source of vaccine information.

I checked the website when I got an alert and there were no vaccines.

The algorithm checks for certain keywords that signify a possible vaccine opening, not guarentee it. We cannot guarentee an automated alert means that vaccines are definitely availible. Check often for updates.

Can you track ____ website or ____ county?

Suggest counties and websites to expand to at our feedback form.

Contact Me

Help me improve my program.

  • Suggest websites to track here.
  • Send me feedback on my program here - let me know if you were able to book a vaccine!
  • For all questions and inquiries, please email